A Teacher’s World

A teacher’s world is continually changing and increasing in its complexity. A teacher’s world is often populated with large classes comprised of many students needing individual instruction.

The World of a Child

Many children come to school seeking the comfort and structure that they miss outside the school walls. Their enthusiasm for learning electrifies the elementary school. Success the child experiences in his or her early educational experiences will be the foundation for academic success later in life.

The Covid-19 Pandemic, lockdown, quarantines, and e-learning have sometimes been unkind to children. Classroom performance and standardized tests are reflecting this in Indiana. The students need extra help that you can provide.

A Teacher Friend is a World-Changer.

Volunteers for Mental Health in Montgomery County match Teacher Friends to the elementary classrooms of Crawfordsville, North Montgomery, and South Montgomery school corporations.

Teacher Friends work in the same classroom, usually weekly, giving academic help and friendship to students under the guidance of the classroom teacher. The friend might assist with activities such as creative writing, reading to a child, listening to a child read, spelling drills, math help, educational games, or special projects. Students experience more individualized or small group instruction through these interactions.

All Montgomery County school corporations require a limited background check. VMHMC provides scholarship funds for the background check fee for those applicants who request it.

In 2022-23, Teacher Friends will be working in early elementary classrooms - those most impacted by the results of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Please sign up to volunteer on this form. Click this link to access the registration form. You can request your location, days and times on the form.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail dbw@vmhmc.org or call/leave a message at 765-275-2689.